Recipes for soup from potatoes

delicious potato soup


Potato soup is perhaps the most affordable option for a hearty and delicious lunch.

The main ingredient in cooking is usually potatoes, and as additional ingredients can be used various vegetables, spices and meat – depending on what food – diet or more high-calorie – you want to get in the end.

Consider different national options for making this delicious meal.
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Indian Potato Soup Recipe

In order to prepare this dish, you will need the following products:

    potatoes (4-5 pieces);
    onion (2 pcs.);
    ketchup (1 tbsp.);
    butter (1 tsp);
    carrots (1-2 pieces)
    grated cheese (4 tsp);
    salt (1/2 tsp);
    water (2 L);
    ground black pepper (to taste).

Now let`s start the process of cooking dinner:

mashed potatoes soup

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Potato soup in Moldovan

Used ingredients:

    potatoes (150-200 g);
    carrots (20-30 g)
    chicken (100-150 g);
    parsley (10-20 g);
    table margarine (10-20 g);
    sour cream (15-20 g);
    flour (5-10 g);
    red pepper (0.2-0.5 g);
    vinegar (5-10 g).

The way of cooking will be:

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Soup-puree in Siberian

For the recipe, you will need the following products:

    potatoes (750-800 g);
    chicken yolk;
    sour cream (2 tbsp.);
    parsley or dill – to taste;
    salt – to taste;
    toasts or breadcrumbs of white bread;
    butter (1 tbsp.).

Now let`s start cooking this dish:

cooking potato soup

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Italian dinner recipe

Used ingredients:

    potatoes (4-5 pieces);
    parsley root (3-4 pieces);
    flour (1-2 tbsp.);
    greens of dill, parsley (to taste);
    salt (to taste).

Let`s start the cooking process:

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Czech dinner recipe with leek addition

To prepare this dish, use:

    water (2-3 liters);
    butter (1 tsp);
    potatoes (4 pcs.);
    leeks (4 stems);
    root of parsley (1-2 pieces);
    celery root (1-2 pcs.);
    carrots (1 piece).

The procedure is as follows:

simple potato soup

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Soup recipe in Romanian with corn

To prepare this quick, simple and delicious lunch, you will need the following:

    potatoes (2-3 pieces);
    carrots (1-2 pcs.);
    bulb onions;
    parsley, greens – to taste;
    celery root (1 pc.);
    butter (1 tbsp.);
    boiled corn (40 g);
    salt – to taste.

Method of preparation:

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Lunch in Versailles

Here you will need the following products:

    potatoes (2-3 pieces);
    parsley, greens – to taste;
    carrots (1-2 pcs.);
    onion (1-2 pcs.)
    fat (1-2 tbsp.);
    rice or millet (1-2 tablespoons);
    salt – to taste.

Let`s start the cooking process:

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Cuban potato soup recipe

In order to cook this very original dish, you will need:

    sweet potatoes or pumpkin, cut into small pieces (200 g);
    frozen corn (500 g);
    onion (1 pc.);
    clove of pressed garlic (2 pcs.);
    chili pepper (1 pc.);
    Bay leaf;
    trade wind – tomato sauce (250 ml);
    white fish (250 g – large chunks);
    dry thyme (1/2 tsp);
    black pepper – to taste;
    salt – to taste;
    lime (should be cut into wedges);
    vegetable, fish or chicken broth (1-2 liters).

Now, step by step, let`s look at the procedure:

Recipes for soups using potatoes are so different that they can be continued indefinitely. These dishes are good because you can vary your diet, using the usual products that are available for everyone, and if you add a little imagination, you will get a delicious and original lunch.

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