How to get rid of heartburn at home? Simple Tips

how to get rid of heartburn at home


Heartburn is a very unpleasant phenomenon. On the one hand, it does not represent a particular threat. And on the other hand – heartburn is able to deprive the sleep and rest of absolutely any person. What to do? Of course, it is best to seek help from a gastroenterologist. However, sometimes, for one reason or another, a person is not in a hurry to seek medical help. And he is interested in the question of how to get rid of heartburn at home.

What is heartburn? These are the sensations that arise as a result of an inflammatory process that seizes the esophageal mucosa. And this inflammatory process develops because the contents of the stomach are thrown into the esophagus. Including hydrochloric acid, part of the gastric juice.

There are some very effective recipes that help to cure heartburn in the shortest possible time. Before you begin treatment, be sure to read the general rules for getting rid of heartburn. If you do not reconsider your lifestyle and food, it`s unlikely that even the best recipes will help you.

Diet of a sick person

If you have heartburn, carefully follow your menu. Very often it is food that causes heartburn. As a rule, heartburn appears after consuming the following products:

    Spices, spicy seasonings, sauces.
    Sausage products, semi-finished products.
    Sweets – especially cocoa and chocolate.
    Milk – subject to systematic use.
    Carbonated drinks.
    Alcoholic beverages.

If you notice a relationship between taking the above products and causing heartburn, eliminate these products from your menu. If the heartburn disappears, you find the cause. So, just stop using these products.

get rid of heartburn at home

Other Power Rules

So, we sorted out the diet. But the diet is not all. First, the food intake schedule plays a very important role. It is highly recommended not to eat before 15 to 20 minutes after waking up and two hours before bedtime. Yes, and during the day try to at least 20 minutes after eating do not go to bed.

The fact is that at a time when a person is in a horizontal position, the risk of throwing the contents of the stomach into the esophagus increases at times. So, heartburn will arise with a high degree of probability. In addition, it would be nice to take care of the position of the body during sleep – it is desirable to raise the head slightly. To do this, you can simply roll up the blanket and put it under the pillow.

In addition, do not forget about the size of portions. Unfortunately, most people during the day only”snack”. And the bulk of food is received at dinner. And this is a prerequisite for the development of severe heartburn. So try to eat a little, but often – a break between meals should not be more than 3 hours.

And the last, but not least important remark. Watch your clothes – it is extremely undesirable that it should be cramped. Tight clothes put pressure on the internal organs, including the stomach. And as a result, a person gets all the same notorious heartburn. By the way, heartburn is far from the only trouble that arises from close clothing.

Mint from heartburn. Everyone who has heartburn, knows that the first remedy for it is a weak solution of soda. But this is not the best option. Brew dry mint leaves and drink like tea two or three times a day for a month. Or, in extreme cases, put a few mint leaves in the teapot with the tea. Peppermint excellently extinguishes acid, so this recipe is especially good for those with heartburn caused by acidity.

Treating heartburn with folk medicine

We offer you some very effective recipes that will help get rid of heartburn in the shortest possible time. All these recipes are completely safe for the body, so do not have any contraindications. The only thing that should be paid attention is that the person does not have allergic reactions to this or that component.

    Decoction of yarrow and peppermint

Very good helps get rid of heartburn decoction of herb yarrow and peppermint. Place the herbs in enameled dishes and pour one liter of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. After that, wrap the pan with a thick terry towel, leave to infuse for two hours, strain with gauze.

If gastritis is the cause of heartburn, add half a teaspoon of any natural honey to the decoction. Honey not only quickly and effectively removes the inflammatory processes of the stomach and esophagus, but also normalizes the level of acidity of gastric juice. Such a broth a sick person should drink before each meal, half the glass, but not less than five times a day. The duration of the course of treatment is 21 days.

    Decoction of chamomile and dill

If in addition to heartburn you are suffering from pain in the stomach, try the following remedy. Place in an enamel pot one tablespoon of dill seeds and inflorescences of chamomile, pour one liter of water, bring to a boil. After 10 minutes turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 30 minutes.

After that, strain the broth with gauze cloth, add one tablespoon of natural honey, pour into a glass container. Store the broth only in the refrigerator, no more than three days – otherwise it will lose its properties. A person should take a decoction on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast, one glass each. The duration of the course of treatment is one month. Although heartburn, of course, will disappear much earlier.

    Cranberry and Aloe

This recipe is especially good in the most severe cases, when no other means help. For its preparation, you need 100 grams of fresh cranberry juice, 2 tablespoons of honey, 100 grams of fresh aloe juice. Aloe is placed in a freezer for a day, then squeeze out the juice. In a glass container, mix all the ingredients – you should get a homogeneous mass.

Take this drug a person must before each meal, one tablespoon. Relieving the sick person will feel after the first application. The duration of the full course of treatment is 21 days. Keep in mind – this product has an easy laxative effect.


If heartburn is not strong, you can try treatment with fresh apple juices and carrots. The treatment is simple – in the morning, before breakfast, drink a glass of juice. You can make a mixture of two kinds of juice, and you can alternate apple and carrot juices. The duration of the course of treatment is 10 days.

get rid of heartburn at home properly

Emergency measures to eliminate heartburn

All of the above described very well relieve heartburn. But all these means are prolonged action. Simply put, in order for heartburn to disappear, you need at least a few days. And what if the heartburn is very annoying this minute: There are several universal ways that will ease a person`s condition in a matter of minutes. But remember that these funds can only be used occasionally – you will not be able to get rid of heartburn in this way.

    Activated carbon

Dissolve 10 tablets of activated charcoal in half a glass of warm milk. Drink the resulting broth in one gulp – in just 2 – 3 minutes the heartburn will recede. Do not use this remedy more than once a day, as milk itself can provoke the development of heartburn.

    Soda solution

Many people tell us that they quickly got rid of an attack of heartburn at home with a solution of soda – half a teaspoon of soda for half a glass of water. Heartburn will pass in a few seconds, but there may be a belch.

If all these funds are ineffective, your doctor should prescribe the treatment. Otherwise, the situation will only worsen. Be healthy!

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