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There are millions of coffee lovers in the world, but not everyone knows how to make coffee in a saucepan. Back to the table of contents

Historical Aspects and Modern Need

Most people bought coffee machines and are happy, even without realizing that this is the first thing that kills the real taste. It is worth noting that this coffee is cooked only on fire, whether it is a flame from a tree or an ordinary gas, but by no means electric heaters. Dishes for this purpose are best used metal, because clay absorbs the taste, and until the end of use will have to use only 1 grade of coffee. A couple of centuries ago people knew that a coffee pot was needed for brewing, but getting it was not an easy task, even for a rich man, and then the idea was born how to make coffee in a saucepan.

Nowadays coffee pots and Turks are widely spread, but because of their price and extremely small volume, they are far from popular. Most people still prefer to cook bulk pans, because the limited volume allows you to make coffee at the same time to all the guests, no matter how many of them there are. Others do not recognize small portioned cups and drink with their old favorite half-liter, no matter how harmful it may be

brewing coffee
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Brewing process

First, it is necessary to decide which option you want to see on the table – Arabic, Polish or American. And also consider that in most species you can add all kinds of spices, but here you must firstly fill your hand with ordinary – cinnamon, ginger and cloves, other variants are rare, but pepper, cardamom and nutmeg can also be added. The proportion in all variants is the same – 50 grams per liter.

For the Arabian variant, it will be necessary to grind the grains as small as possible. To begin with, only half of the water and sugar are left in the container, after the boiling, they put coffee and wait for the foam to rise. After that, the second half is poured, everything is thoroughly and quickly mixed and again brought to a boil. Do not make it so that the water is boiling. it can spoil the taste.

Polish is known to everyone. Here the portion is supposed to be doubled, but each person regulates himself. The necessary volume of coffee is poured, it is poured with a steep boiling water and for 9-10 minutes it is possible to forget about it safely. Then poured into cups and you can start to enjoy a very strong divine drink.

American – here it is important to be able to determine the degree by eye on the behavior of water. There are 2 options: in an American saucepan with the contents have to warm from 84 to 90 degrees and boil a few minutes. The European version allows you to simply pour espresso with boiling water, but the concentration of caffeine will decrease significantly.

right cooking coffee in a saucepan
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Brewing comments

The above was described how to cook at home, but it is important to take into account that the latter option was conceived under a coffee machine, and spices are not put in it, and the temperature should be monitored steadily. Espresso for him is better to buy at any nearby store, because at home, getting it will be very difficult (average grinding on the verge of rough).

If the coffee is brewed stably and in about the same volume, then the best option is to buy a separate copper pan, so that only in it and cook, because. Copper is best suited for coffee, and with stable cooking in one dish – it starts to contribute to the palatability itself. If the pan has been separated, it can be washed with running water, without cleaning agents and unnecessary worries. The too thick layer of the plaque itself will break away, and before that it should not be ripped off. it is he who adds flavor and aroma every time.

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