Extend the sea limits: salad of squid with rice

squid salad with rice


A fresh squid is not an obnoxious looking, and its pink-lilac coloring rather repels than attracts. But having spent a little time and correctly preparing this seafood, you will receive a useful digestible protein dish – a salad with squid and rice. And adding a few bright vegetables, an egg and a dressing-dressing, you can please the guests and loved ones with an incredibly tasty dish! Some of them have already become traditional in our kitchen, while others are just gaining momentum. Obviously, the food with seafood can be cooked at any time of the year, having served a useful and vitamin dish on the table.

Tell you a little secret of cooking fresh squid. Instead of boiling the carcasses 1-5 minutes, just dip them into boiling water, cover the pan with a lid and turn off the fire. After 10 minutes, the meat will be ready, because the seafood contains almost 100% protein. If you are afraid that the squid meat will undergo insufficient heat treatment in this way, just boil it for a few more minutes. Adding to the water instead of rock salt sea, you will enhance the taste of this mollusk.

The most beautiful thing is to cut squid rings, but there are large carcasses that are better divided into 2-4 parts, for ease of serving and eating. Of course, the greens are a wonderful flavor addition to the dish – choose spicy herbs for your taste, and before you will be the author`s salad with calamari own composition.

Squid salad with rice

We are glad to present you a classic recipe for dishes from squid and rice. If visitors suddenly come to you, use this recipe to prepare a hearty, tasty and inexpensive food.


    squid – 500 grams
    onion – 140 grams
    rice boiled – 4 tablespoons
    eggs – 2 pieces
    lettuce green – 6 leaves
    salt and ground white pepper
    mayonnaise – 6 tablespoons

Method of preparation:

The most important thing in this dish is to boil squid properly. After cleaning them, throw in boiling water and cook for no more than 2 minutes. Do not leave them in hot water, otherwise they will become stiff. Pour the carcasses with cold water, and after cooling them, chop the straw. Onion peel and cut into thin semirings or quarters. Pour the vegetable with boiling water and leave for 8-10 minutes. This will leave the bitterness. You can change the recipe slightly by marinating onions for 15 minutes in a solution of vinegar (with water in the ratio 1: 2), adding a teaspoon of sugar. Thus, a salad of squid with rice will acquire a piquant spice.

Boiled eggs are cut into strips of the same size as in the case of squid. Pour onion and squeeze a little to get rid of excess liquid. In a bowl, mix all the prepared ingredients, salt, sprinkle with pepper and add mayonnaise, mix. Now rinse the lettuce leaves with hands and pour on a plate. On top of the greenery, put the finished mixture of ingredients and make a dish with a slide or a ball. Bon Appetit! Adding just one component, you can cook a completely different dish with a new taste.

delicious salad of squid with rice

Squid salad with corn and rice

Corn can be replaced with green canned peas. And if you add greens to your taste, your food will acquire new notes.


    boiled rice – 0.3 cups
    squid – 350 grams
    canned corn – 1 pot
    onion – 1-2 pieces
    egg – 2 pieces
    greens – if desired

Method of preparation:

Prepare carcasses of fresh or thawed squid as described above. You can add a bay leaf and a mixture of peppers to the water – so the seafood will be more fragrant and appetizing. Boil and chill squid, chop them or cut into cubes. Boil the eggs in the same way. Onion finely chop, if it is very sharp, pour oil on vegetable for a quarter of an hour. Drain the corn from excess liquid. All ingredients are ready, it remains only to mix them in a salad bowl. If there is fresh greens, grind it and add to the dish. Bon Appetit!

Salad with squid, rice and vegetables

Past this dish is simply impossible to pass – bright, colorful and very tasty salad! An inexpensive set of products will create a precious dish that will please you and your guests.


    rice boiled – 50-70 grams
    squids – 250 grams
    pickled cucumbers – 80 grams
    peas canned – 45 grams
    canned corn – 40 grams
    boiled egg – 3 pieces
    mayonnaise – 120 grams
    fresh parsley and dill greens – at discretion

Method of preparation:

Peeled squid boil in salted water, then quickly cool, pour water, and cut into strips. Cucumbers dry from brine and cut into strips of the same size as in the case of seafood. Boil the eggs. Mix the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčingredients with rice, peas and corn. Season with mayonnaise, adding a little ground black pepper. Ready salad of squid with rice, decorate with fresh green leaves of parsley and dill. Bon Appetit!

squid salad with rice recipe

Shrimp salad with squid and rice

Seafood does not exist much! Squids are wonderfully combined with shrimps and the taste of the food acquires a rich marine flavor. It is best to buy small shrimp, because they do not need to be cut. In addition, small cold-water shrimps are much more useful than their large brethren.


    raw-frozen shrimp – 400 grams
    squid canned – 150 grams
    rice croup – 1/2 cup
    peas canned – 200 grams
    mayonnaise – 220 grams
    chopped dill greens – a tablespoon

Method of preparation:

In boiling water, boil the frozen shrimp for 3 minutes and peel the neck from the shell. Rinse rice and cook crumbly porridge. If necessary, rinse it with running water and allow excess moisture to drain out. Chop boiled eggs. Drain the liquid from the squid and cut them into small cubes. The painstaking work is over, it remains only to mix the salad. In the container pour all the ingredients, add crumbly rice, peas and stir the dish, pour 3/4 of the mayonnaise norm. Gently smooth the surface of the lettuce, giving the form of a slide. Cover with the remaining mayonnaise and decorate with greens. Bon Appetit!

Salad with squid, carrots and rice

Boiled carrots will give the dish a bright color note and the benefit of beta-carotene. And in combination with rice and canned peas, the salad turns out to be a full-bodied, nutritious dish that can satisfy the hunger of even the strongest half of humanity.


    squid carcasses – 500 grams
    carrots – 250 grams
    Boiled egg – 2 pieces
    canned peas – 200 grams
    rice cereal – 200 grams
    mayonnaise – 120 grams

Method of preparation:

Peeled squid carcasses boil the same way as in previous recipes. Eggs boil hard and free from shell. Peel the carrots and washed rice in separate saucepans. Now grind the ingredients: squid the squid rings, eggs and carrots – cubes. Products join in deep container, add mayonnaise, a little salt and mix. Serve portion by laying a salad slide on a plate decorated with greens. Bon Appetit!

an appetizing squid salad with rice

Squid salad with rice and tomato

We present to your attention a juicy and appetizing salad with squid and rice. Add Italian or Provencal dry herbs, you can create your own personal culinary masterpiece.


    long grain rice – 1 cup
    squid – 250 grams
    sweet canned corn – 1 pot
    fresh tomato – 2 pieces
    mayonnaise – 180 grams
    salt to taste
    greens for decoration

Method of preparation:

Peel the squid and boil for 1-2 minutes in boiling water. Cool the carcass and cut into rings or even smaller, of your choice. Rinse rice thoroughly and boil it as follows: pour it in a pan with cold water for 2 fingers. Bring to a boil without covering it with a lid. Drain, pour again with cold water and bring to a boil, then strain as well as with the first approach. On the third, last time, pour the rice with cold water and boil for 15 minutes until cooked. It is best if it remains slightly moist (state al dente), then turn off the fire and drain the water. The rice will gradually come to a full readiness in the salad, picking up moisture from the rest of the products.

While the rice is cooling, take care of the vegetables: cut the tomatoes into cubes, and merge the corn. Mix all the ingredients in the salad bowl and season with mayonnaise. If necessary, pour a little. Stir gently and decorate with greens and lettuce leaves. Bon Appetit!

Red Sea salad with rice

The creamy taste of processed cheese perfectly complements the marine scent of squid and gives the salad a delightful tenderness.


    squid – 300 grams
    fresh tomato – 2 pieces
    garlic – 1 clove
    cheese fused – 100 grams
    rice boiled – 70 grams
    mayonnaise – 6 tablespoons

Method of preparation:

Peel the squid carcasses and boil for 2 minutes, then cut into strips. Tomatoes and processed cheese cut into cubes. Squeeze a garlic clove through a press. The case for small: just mix all the ingredients, a little salt and season with mayonnaise. By the way, you can use hard cheese instead of fused cheese. The taste of food will turn out completely different !

Incredibly unique quality of squid – low calorie content with very high benefits. Meat of these mollusks contains in itself extremely important for the body substances – vitamins A and E, the latter rightfully deserved the nickname”vitamin of youth and beauty.” It is worth noting the high content of selenium in squid: it helps to effectively purify the body of toxins, toxins, salt deposits.

It is known that regular consumption of seafood in this food is extremely beneficial for the functioning of the thyroid gland. Undoubted benefit for the child`s organism is brought by iodine and polyunsaturated fatty acids – Omega-3, Omega-6. Feel free to add this seafood to the children`s diet. As you can see, dishes from squid are unique and irreplaceable. Cook them regularly and stay healthy !

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