Delicious pancakes on the serum

tasty pancakes on the serum


Pancakes are one of the main dishes that almost every Russian housewife prepares regularly. They are lazy at Shrovetide, and their mother-in-law treats their sons-in-law to them. About pancakes in Russian culture you can talk for a long time, this dish is associated with many legends and customs. Skillful housewives prepare different variations of pancakes and are proud of their signature recipe for this dish.

There are recipes that can make pancakes a main dining dish, a light dessert or a delicacy that will decorate any festive table.

There are many options for making dough for pancakes. One of the most useful is the recipe for pancake dough on whey. This product often remains after the preparation of home-made cheese or cottage cheese. Everyone knows about the serum used in the cosmetic industry, but many consider this whey as a waste of production. Having received it at home, the serum is simply poured out, not knowing that with its help you can significantly improve the body, get rid of problems with the liver and kidneys. Thus, eating pancakes on the serum, you can help your health a little.

recipes of pancakes to us serum
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How to cook natural whey at home?

Serum for pancakes can be bought at the store, but it will be much more useful to have a fresh product of own preparation.

Mistresses, who know how to cook homemade cottage cheese, do not need a prescription for whey, and it often appears as a departure from the preparation of this dish. If you are not so experienced culinary expert, you can make a serum, following our recipe.

For the preparation of whey you will need:

    Milk. It is better to take a real village, but you can get by and packaged.
    Two enameled pans of 2 liters.
    Gauze or sieve.

We pour the sour milk into an enamel pot and, stirring, cook on low heat. Milk in no case should not boil. When heated, divide the milk into cottage cheese and whey. Once the mass begins to boil, you must turn off the stove and allow the contents of the pan to cool.

We fasten the two-layered gauze on the second pan so that it can withstand the weight of the cottage cheese. Carefully strain the cooled mass, separating the cottage cheese from the whey.

If there is no sour milk, then you can use the fresh one in the following way. Milk is brought to a boil and poured into it filtered juice of 1 lemon. Remove from the fire and let it cool. Must be the mass of the divided cottage cheese and whey.

You can start cooking pancakes.

pancakes with cottage cheese
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Serum pancake recipe

The recipe for cooking pancakes on the serum can be both with the use of eggs, and without them.

If you do not want to add eggs to the dough, then for the preparation of pancakes based on our recipe you need to take the following ingredients:

    Serum. It`s good if it`s still warm.
    Flour Extra Class.
    Sugar, salt, soda.
    Vegetable (sunflower) oil.

While stirring or whipping the dough with a whisk, add the flour to the warm whey until a creamy mass is formed. The dough should be thick enough, but pouring.

Add sugar and salt. Sugar is needed a little so that the dough is not sweet.

The amount of soda we take, depending on the acidity of the whey. We constantly taste the dough. Soda should be felt, but very little. If the soda is too small, the pancakes will not be magnificent, but a large amount of it will ruin the taste of pancakes. You can try the very first pancake and, guided by its taste, correct the ratio of ingredients.

Add a little vegetable oil, literally a few spoons. After this, the dough should be left in a warm place for at least an hour. Ideally, when the dough is cooked in the evening, and pancakes will be baked in the morning.

Pancakes are cooked over medium heat and preferably on a cast-iron frying pan. You can use Teflon, but it must be oiled every 2 pancakes.

If you want to cook lavish pancakes, then the dough should be poured into the middle of the frying pan and allowed to spread without additional manipulation.

Pancakes are prepared under a covered lid. In this case, they are baked and well raised. After a couple of minutes, turn the pancake and close the lid again.

pancakes with stuffing
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What can be done from the remaining cottage cheese

To make the pancakes even more delicious, they can be stuffed with various ingredients. With the help of the filling, the pancakes on the serum can be made a hearty dish for lunch, a great snack or a sweet dessert.

For breakfast, hearty and tasty whey pancakes with freshly prepared cottage cheese will perfectly suit. The recipe for such pancakes is quite simple. For the filling it will be required:

    500 g of cottage cheese;
    1 whole egg;
    2 yolks;
    3 tbsp. spoons of sugar;
    1 teaspoon of semolina;
    Vanilla sugar (vanillin) to taste.

Chop the curd with a fork and rub it with yolks. Steam the raisins with boiling water for about 5 minutes. Add to the curd raisins, sugar, semolina, vanillin and salt. Thoroughly mix everything. It is important to remember that the consistency of the filling for whey pancakes should be thick enough not to leak through the holes.

At the pancake we spread a sufficient amount of stuffing and wrap it like cabbage rolls.

Put the stuffed pancakes into a frying pan and lightly fry on both sides.

Serve these pancakes with condensed milk, jam or sour cream.
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Cottage cheese with coconut

Another recipe for curd filling, well suited to pancakes on the serum:

    250 g cottage cheese;
    1st. a spoonful of sour cream;
    3 tbsp. tablespoons of powdered sugar;
    3 tbsp. spoons of coconut shavings;

Cottage cheese grind with sour cream, add coconut shavings, raisins and powdered sugar. Mix everything. If the filling is too liquid, add a little more coconut shavings.

Put enough fillings on the pancake and roll into a roll.

Bon appetit !

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