Cooking cauliflower soup

cream soup from cabbage


Perhaps there are no vegetables that are not useful to the human body. Cauliflower with its unique properties, which are known for a long time, is recommended for use by both adults and toddlers. Cauliflower is pleasant to taste, its dietary characteristics are more pronounced in comparison with other varieties of cabbage, and the nutritional properties are an order of magnitude larger. Thanks to the unique content of ascorbic acid and protein, only 60 g of cauliflower will provide a person with vitamin C for the whole day. Cabbage also contains vitamins A, B, D, H, PP, E, K.

Therefore, cooked at home cream soup made from cauliflower is the best dish for the whole family.

The main difference between cream soup and soup puree is that its ingredients include cream or milk, which give it a delicate milk (cream) taste. Also in its composition may include other vegetables, such as potatoes, peas, spinach, mushrooms or chicken. It all depends on the recipe.

Since the main ingredient of this soup is cauliflower, you should know how to choose it correctly.
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Choose the right cauliflower

The first thing that is paid attention when buying cabbage is a strong and heavy head, the leaves should be green and look fresh. The color does not need to be white, maybe yellow, ivory, greenish, grayish, and sometimes even purple, it all depends on the conditions in which it is grown. The main requirement is the absence of dark spots on the head. If they are available, they must be cut. The temperature regime during storage is at 0 degrees 10 days.

ingredients for cabbage soup cream
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Recipe for cauliflower soup – cream with cream


Method of preparation:

All ingredients should be cleaned and thoroughly washed. The onion is chopped finely, and the potatoes are cut into small cubes. Cauliflower is divided into several inflorescences. In a saucepan, it is recommended to use it with a thickened bottom, melt butter and fry the onion for 4-6 minutes to give it softness. Then potatoes and cabbage are added there. It is necessary to fill this mass with water to a level that will cover the vegetables. Add the pepper and salt. Cook for 25-30 minutes. During this time, cabbage and potatoes should become soft. The broth then merges, leaving one cup. The remaining contents of the pan, if possible, can be whipped with a blender. Add a glass of broth and let garlic through the press.

It is necessary to whip until a lot of cream consistency is obtained without lumps. Add the cream and warm to the desired temperature. If cream soup from cauliflower is not as liquid as you want, you can add the remaining broth. Divide into plates and add if desired boiled chicken, bacon, boiled egg or crackers. Cauliflower should not be cooked for a long time, especially in water, it is recommended to cook it for a couple of days before preparing the soup. Cabbage, which is cooked, it is better to get out of the broth faster so that it does not lose its taste. To improve the taste, before cooking, you can soak it in milk. Delicate soup of cauliflower is ready.

The recipe is made up of 4 servings.

simple recipe for cabbage soup cream
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Recipe from Le Cordon bleu Soups cookbook

Interesting is the fact that the first recipe for this dish came from a favorite at the court of King Louis XV of France. This recipe is included in the diet of French women in our time. For years it has been confirmed that such a soup satisfies hunger well and has a beneficial effect on maintaining a slender body shape.



You need to prepare as follows:

First of all, cauliflower should be disassembled so that separate inflorescences are obtained. As a result, it should be about 300 g large inflorescences and 50 grams of small. Small while we put aside. Then large inflorescences are laid out in a pan, preferably with a wide bottom, pouring them half a cup of water and half a cup of milk. After this, put the pan on the stove and bring the contents to a boil. Cover the lid and muffle the fire to a minimum. Cook for 7 minutes before buying cabbage softness. Then, when the cabbage is ready, you need to beat it with broth with a blender and set aside for now.

In a small frying pan in a melted butter fried finely chopped onions. It is important that the fire is moderate. Fry the onion for 5 minutes until it becomes soft and transparent, but in no case overcooked. To the fried onions flour is added. To exclude the formation of lumps, it is necessary to stir it well. Prepared mass is added to the milk, mix well and again bring to a boil. After the mixture boils, you need to add the previously cooked puree from the cabbage and again bring to a boil. Salt and pepper are added to the resulting composition. Pepper is better to use freshly ground. After that, the cooked dish is removed from the fire.

The next step is to prepare the garnish. In a small pot, a little water is poured, poured and brought to a boil. Small inflorescences of previously selected cauliflower are thrown into the water, they are boiled for 2 minutes until they become soft. Then the water merges, and everything is removed while away. Bread is cut into small cubes and fried in sunflower oil in a frying pan until golden in color. Solim and pepper the resulting crunches.

Give the cooked dish, as a rule, sprinkle with fried crumbs and boiled small inflorescences of cabbage.

The soup has a very delicate taste with a taste of milk. Thanks to a short cooking time, 30-35 minutes, and a great taste, it will be the desired dish of any mistress.

The recipe is for 4 servings.

cutting cabbage
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Soup recipe with red gourmet caviar


Method of preparation:

Cabbage is sorted into inflorescences. Large inflorescences must be finely chopped. Small inflorescences weld in water. After the small inflorescences are welded, they must be cooled, so that they remain firm and not softened. It is advisable, simultaneously with the preparation of cabbage, to fry the white portion of the leek in a frying pan, after cutting it finely. In the process of frying onions, you must constantly stir it to prevent it from burning, but remain transparent and soft.

Take a clean pan and pour in it all cooked milk, also adding finely chopped cabbage inflorescences. Bring to a boil and lower the heat so that milk does not escape. Cook need for 5-7 minutes. The next step is the addition of chicken broth, in which the cabbage continues to cook until it softens. In the cooked cabbage, chopped parsley, spices to taste and cream are added. All this is ground with a blender.

Serve with a small plate, decorated with small boiled cauliflower inflorescences and a small amount of red caviar.

The recipe is designed for six servings.
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Recipe for affable hosts

For this dish, you do not need to save on quality products, and it should be served beautifully and exquisitely.


Instructions for cooking:

In a small saucepan on a small fire melted butter and added finely chopped onions. Onions should not be brought to frying, but it is better to quench it until it becomes soft. Thanks to this, the future aroma and taste of soup will be preserved. Of the kilo of cauliflower, after it is disassembled on the inflorescence, should remain 800 g. Peel and chop the carrots. Cabbage and carrots put in a saucepan, pour a little on top of the water, salt and cook at the same time for 20-25 minutes, until the vegetables are soft. After the vegetables are cooked, gently remove from the pan and whip the blender to a creamy mass. In the resulting mixture, cream is added and, if necessary, the broth, left over from cooking, to give the desired consistency. The resulting soup to bring to a boil in a saucepan and boil for two minutes.

Does not prevent the spoon of sour cream, which can be added to the resulting soup. Served decorated with small crumbs and a small amount of dill.

This recipe will surely please both her husband and children. Potatoes in this recipe is not appropriate, do not experiment.

The recipe is made up to 6 servings.

low-calorie soup
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Low-calorie recipe

Ideal for those who are trying to lose weight. Contains only 49 calories.


The cooking process:

Milk and water mix and boil in a saucepan. Disassemble the inflorescences of cabbage and fall asleep in boiling diluted milk, while salting. Cabbage is cooked on a quiet fire before it becomes soft. In a skillet in butter, finely chopped onions are fried. As soon as it becomes transparent, ringlets of leeks are added. The frying time should not exceed 5 minutes. To the boiled cabbage is added toasted onions, and all together is beaten by a blender to a homogeneous mass, then brought to a boil.

It is recommended to serve with croutons and greens.

The recipe is for 4 portions.
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Recipe with cheese

The presence of Cheddar cheese in the soup gives it a rich, rich taste.

Necessary products:

Instructions for cooking:

For cooking, you need an oven that is heated to 200-220 degrees. It is a good idea to cut all the vegetables, but only grate the cheese on a fine grater. Then put the vegetables on a baking tray, sprinkle a little salt. Bake vegetables for half an hour until cooked. Prepared vegetables to beat to a homogeneous mass blender and place in a saucepan, top the bay with chicken broth. Boil. In the resulting dish, add grated cheese and season with thyme and pepper. Decorate the ready soup with small slices of toasted bread.

The recipe is for 4 servings.

To prepare a good cream soup made from cauliflower, you must follow the following rules.

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