Cake with your own hands – poultry milk

recipe for cake with bird`s milk


There is no person who does not hear poultry milk. This is one of the best works of culinary art. Recently, a lot of a variety of confectionery products have appeared, but the bird`s milk cake still remains one of the most beloved to this day. Not everyone knows that making it at home is easy.
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Making a cake for a cake

You will need:

    4 chicken eggs:
    250 g of sugar (one faceted glass);
    170 g of flour;
    split form.

The bird`s milk cake is used for the usual biscuit dough. For its preparation, take the eggs, carefully separate the yolks from the proteins.

Add a little bit of salt or a few drops of lemon juice to squirrels, using this little secret, you can whip them much faster.

First, whisk together only one of the proteins, after a thick lush foam appears, start adding sugar or powdered sugar. Next, follow the recipe by entering 1 egg yolks, continuing to whisk. It is necessary to sift the flour without fail, it is gently padded with a spatula. That`s all, the dough is ready.

Take the detachable form, grease it with butter, sprinkle with flour, pour the dough. You can bake one large cake and then cut it in half or prepare 2 thin layers. Bake is best at a temperature of 180º. Thick cakes are baked for about 30-40 minutes, thin – much faster, about 7-8 minutes. Readiness is easy to determine by the fragrance, and also with the help of a wooden toothpick: stick it into the middle of the biscuit and pull it out, if the surface remains dry, then the cake is baked. Do not rush to take the biscuit from the mold, let it cool down, then it will not settle.

cooking souffle
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Cooking soufflé

According to the recipe, you will need:

    5 chicken eggs;
    350 g of sugar;
    200 g of dark chocolate (for glaze);
    1 sheet of gelatin.

To prepare the soufflé, uncooked eggs will be used without heat treatment, so you need to wash them with a brush and soda. First, soak the sheet of gelatin in cold water. Separate yolks from proteins, put them for 3 minutes in the freezer. This is an additional precaution, it is believed that it is possible to kill some types of bacteria. Next, add a little bit of salt to the squirrels, beat them in strong foam to”peaks”, without turning off the mixer, add sugar for 1 spoon (total 175 g). You can also use powdered sugar, it dissolves much faster.

To make a soufflé, the bird`s milk in the industry uses agar-agar, a natural thickener made from algae. But at home, you can do with the usual gelatin, as agar-agar can not always be found on sale, and it costs much more. Melt the gelatin on a slow fire, let it cool. In a thin trickle, enter warm gelatin into whipped whites.

There are several recipes for preparing soufflé poultry milk, this is good because yolks are used along with proteins. Put a water bath, whisk on it yolks and the remaining sugar. It is important that boiling water does not reach the bowl with yolks, otherwise they will start to cook, which is extremely undesirable. Combine the whipped yolk mass with proteins.

It remains to assemble the cake: take the split shape, put the cake on the bottom, pour out the souffle, cover with the second crust, put it in the fridge. When the bird`s milk is solidified, remove the cake, remove the form from it, then melt the chocolate in the water bath, apply top and sides with a spatula. Prepare a cake at home is not a big deal, it`s worth trying once, and this recipe will stay in your family for a long time.

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