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Beauty Menu

Not many people know if the body is”hungry” with the necessary substances, you can prepare yourself for the appearance of a green skin tone, acne on the face. Any type of skin needs a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals. This is a whole team of microelements (vitamins A, C, E, etc.). They are ready to fight for a fresh complexion and resist the formation of pimples.

Vitamins are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when you go with your lover in a cafe, instead of another portion of creamy cake and caramel ice cream, order a fruit dessert. And if you get hungry, you will eat a delicious and very useful Greek salad, which, by the way, you can prepare yourself at home. Do not you know how to make a Greek salad? For this you will need tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, pitted olives, sweet peppers, cheese and olive oil. Cut all the ingredients and fill them with olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Try to refill cold dishes not with the usual mayonnaise, but vegetable (sesame, sunflower) oil. Many doctors claim that coffee, sweets and some dairy products provoke the appearance of acne. So a day, drink no more than two cups of coffee. And be more careful about cheese and ice cream.

Zinc, silicon, iron, amino acids and vitamins (especially group B) will take care of the beauty and health of the hair. With their lack of hair will become dull and stiff. In particularly neglected cases, the head of hear may be poured, like the October leaves. Zinc look for meat, strawberries, nuts. To replenish the iron reserve, you can treat yourself to strawberries, kiwi, dried apricots. In search of vitamin B, go to the bread shop. Remember, hair, like your figure, does not like fast food, too sharp dishes, semi-finished products. If you often wash your hair, keep in mind that too much fatty food contributes to rapid hair salting. So can it be better to switch to stewed and boiled?

And let this phrase have already become boring, but remember, beauty is HEALTH !


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