Allergy: Symptoms and Consequences

allergy symptoms


Any signs of food, chemical or animal allergies (runny nose, nausea, dizziness, urticaria) are a serious cause for concern. And the sooner you contact a specialist, the better. Otherwise, if you do not provide first aid in time, there may be a deterioration, up to anaphylactic shock.

Unfortunately, the allergen can be contained in anything: food, drugs, wool, dust, household chemicals. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine on your own why you have a sharp aggravation. In the beginning, you will have to undergo a complete examination, take a bunch of tests and tests. And only after that you will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. An important role in this case is played by accompanying symptoms. Tell your doctor about all signs and cases when the allergy was manifested.

Why does an allergy occur

Often this disease does not occur immediately. The fact is that an allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a foreign protein that has got inside your body. And if first remembering the type and structure of the allergen, then a stronger reaction will follow later. Often the patients begin inflammation, bleeding, the body temperature rises sharply, puffiness comes.

This reaction of the body is fraught with serious consequences, up to a lethal outcome. If you do not help in time, anaphylactic shock, asthma, hives can occur. In such cases, you should quickly call an ambulance. Before the arrival of doctors, monitor the patient`s condition. If he stops the heartbeat, you need to do a direct heart massage and artificial respiration mouth to mouth.

There are several options why an adult can manifest this disease. So, maybe you had an allergy to a product or thing in your childhood. But the parents did not pay attention to it, did not cure or too much guarded you. As a result – a weak immune system.

Often the disease occurs even after a short contact with chemical products (at work, outdoors, at home). But the reaction to food can occur because of a violation of the intestinal microflora. Such individuals first need to cope with dysbiosis.

allergy symptoms

What is an allergy

Cold Allergy

The disease is usually manifested after a person is bought in cold water, or if he is standing on a strong wind. But worst of all people feel in winter and autumn. They sometimes even have to change their place of residence, since this kind of allergy is practically not treated.

The main symptoms by which you can recognize the disease: runny nose, severe headache, itching in open areas, skin inflammation, rash, choking. If such a person goes into a warm room, she will feel much better. But once she goes out into the street again, there will be an exacerbation. In the worst cases, watery bubbles will appear on the body, which pass after a couple of months.

Food allergy

Usually, after a person, say, has eaten chocolate, nuts, cabbage or squid, he has small pimples on his body that start to itch. Only units have serious food poisoning: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fever, diarrhea, convulsions.

If you do not know which product you are allergic to, try to exclude sweets, honey, vegetables, fruit, fish from the usual menu. Gradually introduce into your diet the above ingredients. This will help to identify the cause of the disease. By the way, there are a number of dishes that specialists classify as the most dangerous for people suffering from this disease.


In this case, pollen, which is a part of honey, is an allergen. Symptoms of allergies can be different, starting with the usual rash, coughing, swelling and redness of the throat, ending with Quincke`s swelling. It is recommended that patients completely stop using this product.


In fact, one component causes allergy, not all sweets in general. Therefore, it is not worth completely excluding the goodies from your diet. Usually the reaction takes place on a protein. If you are”lucky” and you treat these seventy percent, eat marmalade, jam, pastille, marshmallow.

    Vegetables, fruits and berries

Surprisingly, not only citrus fruits (mandarins, oranges, lemons) and strawberries cause allergies. Strong allergens are nuts (walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds), melons, apples and pears, stone fruit (peaches, cherries, cherries).

By the way, if you do not tolerate tomatoes, parsley, celery and other vegetables, give them to heat treatment. High temperature helps to cope with the allergens contained in them. Prepare a stew, cook compotes, make casseroles, use a steamer.


So people have to give up everything that contains this ingredient. It is necessary to forget about bakery products, sauces, mayonnaise, macaroni. But you can cook cereals, eat lean beef, fish, poultry, drink small amounts of milk.

    A fish

Exclude from your diet shellfish, oysters, squid, crab, shrimp and other seafood. True, in some cases people do not tolerate either sea life or river life. Therefore, it is necessary to take tests for the allergen to identify the cause. The fact is that this food contains the greatest amount of iodine. And if your body negatively react to fish, you will have to look for another source of such an important element.

Allergy to medicines

Most often, the allergy appears on drugs that include natural ingredients, as well as antibiotics. That`s why experts recommend pre-testing all drugs. So, for example, if you are going to take an injection, scratch a little on the elbow bend with a needle, then drip the contents of the syringe. If after five to ten minutes the skin does not become inflamed and does not cover with a rash, you can use the drug.

With a drug allergy, symptoms manifest themselves in different ways. It can be anaphylactic shock, and swelling, and toxicermy, and hives. In some cases, dizziness, nausea, accelerated breathing. And if the patient does not help in time, he can die in a matter of seconds. Therefore, never take or give drugs to family members without first reading the abstract. And throw out of the medicine cabinet all expired drugs.

Allergy to flowering

This is a seasonal disease that occurs at a certain time of the year. Usually it occurs during the flowering period of plants. The end of spring and summer is the most dangerous time for patients. Therefore, if you have already faced this before, try to protect yourself: start drinking medicines, during the exacerbation, go to another place, go with a bandage, etc.

The most common allergy symptoms: a runny nose, itching in the eyes, nose and throat, fever, choking, sneezing, swelling. If you find yourself experiencing one of these symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor. And in any case do not self-medicate.

Allergy to household chemicals

What means are not released in our time! With their help, you can remove a three-year stain on your trousers, clean the yellowed tile in the bathroom, wash the window on the balcony. But such products are toxic and dangerous for health. No wonder people are increasingly turning to the clinic with complaints of shortness of breath and spots on their hands after they poo in the apartment.

Therefore, if you have the first signs of allergy: burning, itching, skin irritation, cough, runny nose, dizziness, suffocation, take all the precautions. First, try to use household chemicals at a minimum. Never combine several funds at the same time. If you use a gel to clean the plate, do not use the powder. Otherwise, some of the active ingredients can react, releasing toxic substances. Buy products where the least amount of dyes, flavors, fragrances and other additives.

Secondly, work only in rubber gloves. The skin of the hands should not come into contact with the allergen. If at least a drop of the product has got to the open area, rinse it with copious amounts of cold water. Do not turn on the hot tap, because the heat is a catalyst. It will only speed up the process. During work, ventilate the room.

Wash clothes carefully in a typewriter and thoroughly rinse. Of course, so you will spend more electricity and water, but then you will not be scratching all day. Always put a little detergent, do not drive the drum full. Air conditioners and similar additives are best not to use.

In case you are allergic even to special chemistry, try to replace it with improvised means. So, for example, a lemon can clean the tile, the stove, the floors, and wash clothes. For washing dishes use soda or laundry soap, for windows – ammonia.

Allergy to cosmetic products

Carcases, lipsticks, blush, shadows, creams, masks, hair colors – all this can negatively affect your health. Recognize the symptoms of allergies in this case will not be difficult. Usually this is redness, itching of the treated area, burning, tearing. If you have made up your eyes, proteins can also become slightly pinkish or swell.

This usually happens with low-quality products. Therefore, when buying cosmetics, be sure to ask for certificates. By the way, do not buy anything in the markets and in the transitions. Wind, rain, high humidity or dry air all negatively affect the product. But the wrong storage can lead to damage to the contents.

signs of an allergy

Complications and consequences of allergy

If you do not pay attention to the first signs (local and general) or do not call a doctor, your condition may get worse. For example, anaphylactic shock in a patient develops within a few minutes. A person`s blood pressure drops, suffocation, headache, dizziness, some organs stop working (up to cardiac arrest). If you do not provide emergency medical care, the patient may die.

The same goes for Quincke`s edema, which is deadly. Urgently call the ambulance if the patient has the following symptoms: pale or cyanotic skin, severe dyspnea, swelling of the tongue and mouth. After a few minutes a person can start to suffocate.

Preventing allergies

After the doctor determines the cause of the allergy, try to avoid contact with the allergen. Try daily to do the house wet cleaning, so that on carpets, furniture, books do not accumulate dust. If you wash floors or vacuum a carpet, wear a respirator or a cotton-gauze dressing. Do not start pets. If there are any in the house, try to ventilate the room as often as possible. After you stroke the cat or dog, wash your hands with soap.

People who are allergic to medication should carry a card with the names of dangerous drugs in their pockets or purses. So, if a misfortune occurs with a person, and he will be in an unconscious state, doctors will find out what medicines the patient should not be given at all.

Are you allergic to food or alcoholic beverages? Warn relatives and friends about this. In a cafe or restaurant, do not forget to talk about it to the waiters. After all, the secret ingredient that gives a piquant dish, maybe it`s your allergen. The main thing is to take all the precautions.

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