A simple harko recipe – according to Georgian traditions and not only

recipe of the Georgian soup hurcho


If you consider that according to the laws of cooking soup is called a dish in which exactly half of the content is taken up by the liquid, then soup-kharcho can hardly be attributed to soups. In a fat, richly cooked, cooked by all the rules of Georgian cuisine, there must be a”spoon”. Back to the table of contents

Excursion to Georgian cuisine

Like any popular national dish, kharcho has penetrated into the kitchens of many peoples, mixed with the traditions of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, it has become akin to sauces with the French menu, because every housewife who comes to the cooking process creatively brings a lot of her additions, so much so that the classic kharcho has changed beyond recognition. Sometimes even the name itself confuses:”harcho” is he or it? What kind of meat is cooked and does the potato contain mandatory ingredients? All these questions can be answered only by going deep into the subtleties of the Georgian national cuisine.

Since”dzerochis khortsi harshot” literally means”beef meat for soup” or”beef soup”, it will be more correct to refer it to the masculine (soup-it) and cook it from beef. Although not beef tenderloin is taken, but a brisket or shank that gives the soup the appropriate flavor. The word”harcho” in Georgian is pronounced”harsho” and is derived from the verb”harshva” – cook.

Since when the soup-kharcho began to be cooked in Georgia, it is impossible to restore, because, despite the small area of ​​this state, even there in each region there is a recipe of harcho: Georgian kharcho, Megrelian kharcho, not to mention every single house.

Megrelia is one of the major historical and ethnographic regions of western Georgia with the main city of Zugdidi. It must be said that the cooking of the west and east of Georgia differ significantly from one another in the traditions of cooking. It is western Georgia (Abkhazia in particular) recognized as the ancestor of the hot Georgian sauces, because it has been under the influence of Turkey for a long time. Although, most likely, the spices used are not so much sharp, as fragrant. Sharpness is not peculiar to the Georgian cuisine, it takes place only in the dishes of individual mountain areas. But with regard to the types of meat, in the west, recipes from poultry are more popular. The traditions of the Georgian national cuisine do not limit the population in choosing meat, which is typical for Muslims. Beef (harcho), pork (muzhuzhi), mutton (chanakhi), chicken (chohohbili) – everything is equally used.

Georgian cooking is poor in soups, and with the exception of several types of harsh and other varieties such as hashi, chihirtma, shechamad and tatarachni, and there is nothing more to be said. They all have a thick consistency, a low component, but a very rich and dense broth. Density is achieved not at the expense of vegetables, but by adding an egg component mixed with the acid base of Georgian sauce. I must say that a piquant sour is characteristic of almost all Georgian soups, and harsh is no exception. Soup in Georgian should be cooked with sour, sour-fat or sour-egg.

A big role in the Georgian cuisine is played by nuts, so it is not surprising that real kharcho implies the indispensable use of walnuts. They are also part of most of the national sauces, without which the Georgian table is simply unthinkable.

ingredients for soup kharcho
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Classic soup-harcho recipe

All of the above subtleties will help to prepare soup according to the rules of the national Georgian cuisine. To cook soup-harcho correctly, you need 1 kg of beef brisket for 2.5 liters of water. Replacing another kind of meat, if it is supposed to cook real kharcho, is unacceptable. Meat should be poured in cold water, bring to a boil and simmer for about 2 hours, even if it is divided into portioned pieces. I must say that the meat for harsho should not be cooked, but to extinguish with a small amount of liquid, and add the remaining water only afterwards. When the delicious aroma of beef will sound on the readiness, you can send onions roasted in vegetable oil (3-4 heads). It is customary to add a little more rice flour to the onions, which makes the real kharcho more dense.

The next mandatory component that is included in the present Georgian soup is rice (half glass), but not steamed and crushed in any case. It is washed several times and sent to the pan after the meat is ready and taken out of the broth. Rhys is enough 15-20 minutes. Therefore, about 5 minutes before the rice is ready, walnuts (1 glass) are put in the broth. Prepare them in advance, because they need grinding. You can do this with a coffee grinder (not very finely), a mortar or a conventional rolling-pin, which kneaded segments of nuts by rolling. Today, many housewives successfully use a blender for this purpose.

I must say that the meat is removed in order to make it easier to strain the broth, but if you cook without straining, then take it out is not necessary, especially if it is already cut into pieces. A part of the spices is added together with the rice, and the rest is left for the last. For the first bookmark you need: onion, parsley root, cilantro seeds, bay leaf and black pepper.

At the very last turn put the clapping – pastila from sour plums tkemali or cherry plums. It will be enough to have a piece measuring 3 * 20 cm. It is crushed and poured in advance with a small amount of broth or boiling water for dissolution. It will be correct not to wait for its independent dissolution to a homogeneous mass, and after a while, when the pastille has softened, wipe through a sieve.

For the second spice tab, you need to make a sheet of parsley, cinnamon, saffron, red pepper and hops-suneli. All this is put in the soup-harcho along with the cooks and cook for about 5 minutes.

This”sorcery” with spices does not end there. After the soup is removed from the fire, greens of coriander, basil and crushed garlic are sent to it. The recipe assumes that the dish will last for 10-20 minutes. Now the simplest traditional soup-kharcho is ready for consumption.

delicious recipe for harcho
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What to do if there are no clutches

It is clear that the question immediately arises where to get the clapps, if this ingredient is not sold outside of Georgia. Of course, who visited recently on vacation in those parts, can bring with him such a valuable trophy. Pastila in a rolled up tube is stored for a long time, unless you use it as an independent dish.

Those who are very sensitive to the classic recipe and wish to prepare soup correctly can advise a simple recipe of natural Georgian sauce”tkemali” from cherry plum or dogwood, although these fruits also belong to the rare in Russia.

Prepare the sauce to start while the beef is brewed. To do this, you need 1 kg of green plum. It should be cooked on low heat in a container with a thick bottom before softening, adding to the fruit ¼ of a glass of water. Finished fruit reclines into a colander or sieve, thereby getting rid of excess juice, although it should not be thrown away.

The softened cherry plum is carefully wiped through a sieve until it is puree and cooked a little more until the condition of thick sour cream. Tkemali recipe contains many more components. This garlic (1 head), dry dill (2 tablespoons), coriander (3 tsp), red pepper (1.5 tsp), dry mint (2 tsp). All this must be mixed in one container with chopped garlic and crushed in a mortar, and then add to the sauce from the plum. The recipe does not contain salt, but if you are supposed to store the sauce for a long time, you can add a teaspoon to this amount.

In order to cook the kharcho, it will take 5-6 tablespoons of”tkemali” sauce to add to the browned onions. This amount will be able to replace the clover in the broth not to the detriment of the taste. Finished sauce”tkemali” can be searched and on sale – this will be the simplest option.

In the absence of”tkemali” it is not forbidden to cook with the use of a large number of tomatoes, which are released from the skin and languish along with the fried onions for 5-7 minutes.

A good recipe with sourness, which is given by pomegranate juice or lemon, can also be found in culinary advice. This, of course, is no longer a classic, but still very close to the Georgian traditions. Adding pomegranate juice does not mean that you should not add tomatoes, they are also present in the soup. Just half a glass of juice pour in with the second dressing spices. You can also add quarts of lemon or a few drops of its juice.

traditional soup recipe for harcho
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Soup-harcho outside the Georgian tradition

Not everyone treats with deep trepidation to the original recipes and is guided by the principle – and so very tasty. Therefore, it is not surprising that there were recipes for Ukrainian or vegetarian cuisine, as well as”Georgian” kharcho with fish.

Pork ribs, potatoes, carrots and ordinary shish kebab tomato sauce are acceptable for the Ukrainian version, although connoisseurs of kharcho call it simply rice soup.

Traditional Georgian cooking is meat in various variations, but vegetarian cuisine is not alien to this people, which is expressed mainly in the diversity of salads, fresh fruits. And why not cook soup and kharcho vegetarian?

For this classic recipe with the restriction of frying, flavor and meat is quite appropriate. In this case, you should start with frying on onion butter and tomatoes or”tkemali” sauce. Then cook the contents of the roast in water with the addition of rice and spices. It turns out quite delicious, rich soup.

Fans of exclusivity can be advised to make such a soup with the addition of prunes, which, in fact, corresponds to the idea of ​​sweet and sour sauce. The recipe contains all the ingredients that a real harch. Prunes are put in soup at the same time as nuts.

The recipe is interesting, where the sour base is represented by tomatoes with the addition of dry wine, which will require only 1 tablespoon. Add it right before laying out the rice.

With the advent of multivarches in the home, you can often find recipes designed for cooking with their participation. Cooking kharcho in a multivariate is easy. First, one meat is fried in a baking mode, and then along with onions and tomatoes. This procedure will take about 40 minutes. All other ingredients are then added and prepared in the”quenching” mode. After the signal of readiness, you should add greens and leave for a few minutes in the heating mode. Thus, the result will be like real.

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Dietitians and cooking experts tips

Georgian cooking is certainly rich in spices, but experienced chefs recommend learning to observe the measure in their application, so that the soup is not spicy, but aromatic-spicy. To achieve such an effect can only be experienced, or by adhering to specific advice. For example, coriander is quite specific, and its overabundance in the form of ground seeds is not all perceived with delight, and even the aroma of its greenery even more so. Therefore, cook for the first time with the use of this spicy herb to be especially careful.

It is important to follow the sequence of bookmarking all components, and in their number you can experiment.

Nutritionists do not advise to abuse the use of soup-harcho for those who suffer from diseases of the digestive and kidneys. We must pay tribute to this dish in that it is quite useful at the expense of herbs and nuts, and even those who want to lose weight can enjoy it with pleasure, as acute seasonings speed up metabolic processes. If you add celery to other greens, it will also promote fat burning. A moderate sharpness and dizzying aroma will do their job in the fight against a cold.

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